Make a Wishbox

Wishbox is having a sale, which rocks, because I love her dresses and just plain can’t afford them most of the time. I love dressing as a doll, but I also like a hundred other looks, so doll gets pushed under the rug most of the time. But a sale at Wishbox is a good time to get a doll look out. Plus sales at the store go for the designer’s real life moving issues. I am always inclined to help when a store has a sale to help raise money for something or another. Here’s the designer’s info from the sale notice.

“Happy Day Dreamers!

There’s a huge sale at Wishbox! Almost everything is 20-50% off. Even high-quality items are 50% Off! Everything is marked so you can see the discount you’re getting. Sales are not a common thing at Wishbox, so this is your chance to grab outfits you’ve missed, or stock up on other colors of the ones you have — for a steal! Discounts also apply to megapacks. Tell everyone you know, bring your friends, and have fun!!!
❤ Personal Note ❤

By shopping at Wishbox right now you will also be doing a good deed by helping me immensely during a life transition. For reasons beyond my control, I have just moved across the country and am between homes. I need the money for house-hunting, and that is the ONLY reason I am offering such insane prices. I can’t even describe how enormously your support will help me during this time in my life. Please, please, please stop by the store and bring a friend. Tell as many people as you can! And THANK YOU! ❤”

Wisp Jinn

Style Notes:

SkinGlam Affair – Lilith – Europa – Timeless 01 Red (Collabor88)
Freckles: L.Fauna Serious Freckles [Dark1]
Eyelashes: ~ Essences ~ Eyelashes Perla
Hair: >TRUTH< Allegra – crow
Dress: [Wishbox] Charm Dress (ruby)
Jewlery: {Violet Voltaire} Melancholy Earrings & Necklace – Red
Doll Key: {Violet Voltaire} No Love Lost Accessory Set – Pewter
Heels: *GF* Bow Strap Shoes “Kate” -red-


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