Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

 So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can’t plant me in your penthouse
I’m going back to my plough
Back to the howling old owl in the woods
Hunting the horny back toad
Oh I’ve finally decided my future lies
Beyond the yellow brick road

TGIF everyone! I’ve got a couple new items for you in this post. At least, newer. The hair from Truth is just a bit sassy and the corset from Sn@tch is have to have (and the Sn@tch n Grab special of the week) and the jeans are a group gift from the new collaboration, Auxillary, which hasn’t opened yet, but has sent out a gift in the VIP group, which will remain open until the store opens, then there will be a fee to join. The rest you can find in the details below. Have a wonderful day/night!

❤ Marja ❤

Style Notes:

Skin:*League* Isla Pale Decadence Brunette (Chest C)
Hair: >TRUTH< Bria w/Roots – fire
Freckles: L.Fauna Serious Freckles
Face Piercings: [EY:NO] Dramatic Piercing (silver)
Necklace: FEMALE[MANDALA]KARMA Necklace/Shepherd SILVER
Bangles: *BOOM* Bangled Mess Gunmetal
Corset: :::Sn@tch Deviant Latex & Leather Corset Tops:::Green
Jeans: Auxiliary – Luna Jeans – Smoke(In world group gift only)
Shoes: Leverocci – Mary Jane Pumps_Nero


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