There’s a sale at Nomine and I bought one of each kind of dress I didn’t already have. I have a serious shopping addiction. It could be worse, I suppose. I could be into murder or jewel theft as a hobby. Anyway, the dress and the skin are from Nomine (Almost the entire store is marked to 100L). The hair is from Burley and the jewelry is from Amorous. The nails are from Mandala and the shoes (that you can’t see) are from Nardcotix. I’ll leave you to the details and pictures. ❤ Marja<3

Style Notes:

Skin:Nomine Papillon China – warm leatherette
Hair: [BURLEY]_GaEun_Magnate01
Dress & Hairband: Nomine Jailbait Marian Dress – green
Jewelry: : Amorous : Cathartik
Heels: NX-Nardcotix Iceli Spiked Stiletto Black (Not shown)


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