Misery is a Butterfly

Misery is a butterfly 

Her heavy wings will warp your mind 

With her small ugly face 

And her long antenna 

And her black and pink heavy wings 

Remember when we found misery 

We watched her, watched her spread her wings 

And slowly, slowly fly around our room 

And she asked for your gentle mind

Gentle mind, gentle mind

Style Notes:

Skin::GP: Moonbeam Frex [Light] Candy-Licorice Whip 2 (Curio)
Hair: >TRUTH< Helia w/Roots – fire
Skirt: [Aura] Low Rise Boho (mesh) skirt – Petal Light (Fashionably Late)
Necklace: EarthStones Neisha Necklace – Spectrum (collabor88)
Shirt: coldLogic top – lauren.pink
Tattoo: Tenjin Unfinished Spring Tattoo Lower Fresh
Nails/Rings: [MANDALA]KABUKI BLACELET,Handring,Nails/Shangri-La PINK

Pose: Glitterati


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