Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Everyone gets Ice Cream!

Motif has begun! What is Motif? Only an awesome collaboration event, with some of the most killer designers participating! Each round, a theme is chosen, and designers collaborate with another designer(s) in the group, to create pure awesomeness just for you!

What I’m showing you here is an outfit with corset, skirt, top and brollie from Schadenfreude. I’m also showing Lolita Boots from Dilly Dolls from Motif. The boots are mesh and the brollie is mesh in the outfit. The boots are texture changeable via HUD and are just the most darling thing I’ve seen in awhile.

The skin is from Curio, the hair is from booN and the jewelry is something I made when I used to have a store. The tattoo is from Dead Carrot. Head to Motif and see what strikes your fancy!

Style Notes:
Dress & Brollie: Schadenfreude Bubblegum Ice Cream Gluttony(Motif)
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Dark] Sprout-Pondlet 1 (Curio)
Boots: *DD* Cassiel Ice Cream Boots (Dilly Dolls)(Motif)
Tattoo: [Dead Carrot] Sleeve TaT-Cupcake Heaven (sheer)
Hair: booN PUN448 hair pink
Jewelry: Made for a store that closed (Creator Marja Languish)

Pose: exposeur


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