I Want to Be a Twin

My best friend, Veenya, is a totally awesome blogger, but she does seem to have a look that’s all hers. When I put this suit on, it made my think of her, so then of course I had to find a purse to go with it….I swear she’s always wearing a purse. The surprising thing was the amount of purses I have, considering the fact I think this is the second time I’ve done a post with a purse. I think I’ve done a fairly good job of getting a twin like look here, at least I hope she thinks so!

Okay, about the look. The suit and the shoes came from Baby Monkey. I was pleasantly surprised with the suit, though I wore it dancing and my boobs kept popping out. I’m sure you’ll be fine without physics turned on. The earrings come from Apple May Designs. The hair is from Exile and the skin is from S u g a r. The purse is from LaGyo. The necklace is from Lolapop and was a prize from a party, which my Daddy graciously gave to me.

I think that’s about it from me this afternoon, but the day isn’t over yet! ❤

Style Notes:

Skin:: : S u g a r : -C- :1: Fireball {Party}
Blush & Freckles: S u g a r
Suit: BM Classic Pant Suit Beige (Baby Monkey)
Heels: BM Duchess Pump Spring right All Colours(Baby Monkey)
Necklace: Lolapop! Cthulhu Necklace (Release Party Prize)
Hair: ::Exile:: Daniela:Tango
Earrings: (AMD) Obnoxious Hoops – Black
Purse: LaGyo_Lora purse Jet (with poses)


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