WCF – Walking on the Darkside

 I’ve got three great items from the Whore Couture Fair for you in this post. I don’t know what it was, but it sort of made me feel like a hooker, so I hopped over to Festival of Sin  and took my pictures in the Vanity section. Now, on to the goods!

The skin is from .::: AV!SAGE :::…,the dress is from Spirit Store and comes in several shades, and finally, the garter is from  * ^v^ The Death ^v^ *. The rest of the items can be found in their regular stores. The hair is from Truth, the earrings are from Fanatik, the gloves came from a dress at Purple Moon and the heels are from N-Core.

By the way, it’s the middle of the night again. Maybe one day I’ll sleep the whole way through! Till next time, lovelies! ❤

Style Notes:

Hair: >TRUTH< Leesa 2 – champagne
Skin: ..::: AV!SAGE :::… *WCF* Chantelle Skin B *cleavage* (WCF)
Dress:Spirit Store – Kykolka dress pink (WCF)
Earrings: :FANATIK: Beaded pink hoop earrings
Garter: * ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Unwrap Me – Garter ( $ ) (WCF)
Gloves: Purple Moon (part of a dress)
Heels:N-core SEDUCTION XtremeHeel “Candy”


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