Back to Black Preview Post #1

“Back to Black” is an upcoming fair to raise awareness about mental health and is run by Chic Management, headed by Keira Seerose. The event opens on Feb. 11th at 4pmSLT. For more information click here. There are no slurls for the Back to Black event, as it won’t be opened to the public til opening day.

In the photos below, I’m showing many items that you will be able to find at the fair, so get your wallets ready! In the last photo, I’m showing a pair of heels by Purrfect 10, multi colored and rose covered and these are a charity item.

Style Notes:

All Poses: AUSHKA & CO -(Back in Black)

Hair:[Shag] – She Sends Kisses – carnal
Skin: :*VERSHE*Bianca Strength Skin (Olive) (Back to Black)
Top: :::Sn@tch Esperanza Blouse (Blue):::(Back to Black)
Jewelry: !ELEMENTAL BACK TO BLACK, LAPIS & BEADS Set (Back to Black)
Shoes: P10 Wild Rose heels Cream (Back to Black)
Skirt: Ricielli – Denim miniskirt /blackuk (Mesh)

Hair: “LoQ Hair” Bourbon – Black (Back to Black)
Skin: AKERUKA Lisa skin for Back To Black – MK 02 (Back to Black)
Earrings: *P* Monica Earrings ~Silver~ (Phoebe ~Piercings & more~)(Back to Black)
Bodysuit, collar: – Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit poppy(Back to Black)
Heels” P10 Wild Rose heels Crimson (Back to Black)

Hair: [Shag] – Pretty Please – scarlet
Skin: Fluttering Hearts (Bang Bang)(Back to Black)
Earrings: *P* Monica Earrings ~Silver~ (Phoebe ~Piercings & more~) (Back to Black)
Necklace: *DCD* Winged Heart Necklace – Black Diamond (Dragon Charm Designs)(Back to Black)
Dress: ORQUIDEA Sunshine Dress (Back to Black)
Heels: P10 Spring in Bloom Heels (Back to Black Charity Item)


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