Throw Some Grenades

It’s Wednesday once again and that means Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore. All items are priced under $99L and there’s quite a list participating this week: Sparrowtree Studios, Misera, Holi Pockets, Virtual Insanity, Lucifers Heart, Leri Miles Design, Cherry Pop Studios, Delusions, piccara, Epic, Tenjin, Melancholia, Aissence, Maridoll, Rangs, Step inSide, Gaudy, Shup Bish, Hermony, Iren, Kennedy’s, Platicacid, Razorblade Jacket, and EnvyMe. Remember, these are only at the Jersey Shore locations of all those stores. Have fun shopping!<3

Style Notes:

Necklace: .:CoLL:. Christmas Wish Harmony Ball Necklace
Earrings: .:CoLL:. Christmas Wish Showflake Earring
Ring: { Rangs. } Sugar Cookie Ring (GFW)
Skin: ::EM:: Vicky Tan Pinkys NJ (EnvyMe) (GFW)
Boots: Maitreya Mesh * Radical Boots * Black (MESH)
Tattoo: .:: Delusions ::. Dirty Little Secrets (Owned) (GFW)
Dress: [M.O.a.R] GFW Strumpet Dress (GFW)
Hair: Exile Cherry Baby/brownsugar


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