I Got a Sex Drive That’s Push to Start

Today I was introduced to a new to me store, Avale. I was passed a set of review items and I tried them on and was really delighted with the look. The skirt is shockingly short in the back though, just to warn you. The skin is from Pink Fuel and you can pick it up for $10L in a gift box as part of the With Love hunt. The shoes are Kalnin’s Footwear and I bought the fatpack, so it lets me change all the different parts, letting me customize the shoe’s look whenever I need. I totally adore it. The hair is from Exile and can be found in the sale area of the store for $50L. To wrap it up, I’ve got on jewelry from my favorite store, Mandala. I think I could sleep with it on. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far and enjoy the look!

Style Notes:

Top: .:AVALE:. Diva. White
Skirt: .:AVALE:. Naughty Pixie. Pink
Skin: [PF] Alyx <Hazel> – WLH – Nice (With Love Hunt)
Heels: Kalnins Footwear – Audrey Fatpack
Jewelry: Mandala Milky Way Set
Hair: Exile Olivia/auburn


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