Just Snap Your Fingers

 Tonight’s look is put together with a few items from the Vintage Fair, plus a couple other items. The shoes are from Gos and are just a staple in my wardrobe. The hair is from Elikatira and is a sassy, short style. The dress is from VC Designs and is a delightful take on the classic black dress and can be found at the Vintage Fair. The jewelry hails from Eclectica and is also from the fair. The skin is from Curio and the fair, but I’ve been blogging it like crazy as I really haven’t taken it off! Hope you had a great weekend and cheers to the coming week! ❤

Style Notes:

Hair:.[e] Escape - Red 08
Skin:-:GP: Petal [Light] Vintage-Ritz 1 (Vintage Fair)
Dress: :: VC Designs: Classic Black Little Dress Outfit (Vintage Fair)
Jewelry: Eclectica Chicago Diamantes (warm) (Vintage Fair)
Shoes:[Gos] Platform Pumps - Brown/Black

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