Love Games

You think you’ve heard this before
I’ll try to say it differently
As long as it come naturally to me
It’s been making me sad
‘Cause I can’t find a better way
To speak the words I wanna say to you
Know how I love you
And know how I need you

And I want you to know
Won’t let you down
No, I can’t let go
And I want you to see
Everyday I wear my heart on my sleeve
On my sleeve

This is a fun look I put together last night. I put most of the outfit together and then went to see The Flesh Game, which is brought to you by Sn@tch. It was a great, scary build and theme and pretty cool overall, so if you have a couple hours, I suggest you give it a visit. There were various items available as gifts throughout the game and I’m showing you a couple in the outfit here.

Style Notes:

Razor: Razor Blade Mouth (S.W.A.K. Designs) (The Flesh Game)
Ring: :::Sn@tch Raven Ring::: (The Flesh Game)
Boots: -=FORSAKEN=- Step on my fuckin' boots, I DARE ya! (The Flesh Game)
Hair: Action Womens Hair Kimberly - Scene Gurl
Top: :::Sn@tch Techno Latex Top (Black):::Skirt: :::Sn@tch Corset Tutu (Pierette):::
Choker: ~S.N.G~ Eerie Collar Grey 
Leggings: [BaBiiDoLLzZ] Latex Leggings Pink 
Skin: LAQ ~ Lovisa [Milky] 05
Piercing: AIDORU snakeheart nose piercing girl (The Flesh Game)

Lyrics: Olly Murrs - Heart on my Sleeve


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