Rock it Out

It’s sunday morning and Hurricane Irene seems to have passed me by without too much fanfare, so I’m rocking it out. I put together this fun outfit yesterday and just had to snap a few shots with the Glitterati Vocal prop. It’s a perfect fit!

Style notes:

Shirt: :::Sn@tch Sheer Lace Tee::: (Part of Happy Ending)
Pants: [Aura] Class Act Pants-  Pink
Shoes: [Gos] Platform Pump – Brown/Black
Jewelry: A&A Fashion Spider Jewellery Mix Color [TDR 37]
Makeup: KBL: Smokey Shadow – Sirius Black (Store closed, Kissowa Kamachi creator)
Hair: ::Exile:: Audra:Roots-Drift mix- Hair Fair Edition
Skin: -Glam Affair – Amelie Natural – Breeze BL (TDR)


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