In My Glass House

Sitting in my glasshouse
While your ghost is sleeping down the hall
Watching the little birds fly
Kamikaze missions into the walls
Think i’m gonna stay in today
Sit on my couch and watch them fall

As I fall out of the glass house, I’m showing you a few great items that you have got to have. First up is the white goth version of Agostina from Blue Blood. It’s just as sweet as the other version, just in pale colors, which makes it twice as sweet. I’m also showing some makeup from Blue Blood, which was just released. I’m showing you some of the dolly makeup, which is perfect for turning any skin into a doll skin. I’ve also got on my favorite pair of shoes from the Shoe Fair, 77 Loafers by Treads. To finish it up, I’m wearing a skin from Glam Affair that is a group gift in the Modavia location with the Modavia Fashion Marketing group tag active. (Group is free to join.)

Style Notes:

Skin: -Glam Affair – Monica Light skin  MODAVIA GIFT A (Modavia group gift)
Makeup: +++BB+++ Dolly Makeup Tattoo – Full (Blue Blood)
Clothing: +++BB+++ Agostina WG PINK (Blue Blood)
Earrings: ::MOOD:: Pangani Earring
Hair: >TRUTH< Seraphina – sangria
Shoes: 77 Loafers – Grenadine (Treads) (Shoe Fair)

Prop: Glitterati

Lyrics: Glass House – Ani Difranco


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