Chic Limited – April – Preview #1

Chic Limited’s April Cycle will be starting tomorrow and I’ve got some items to show you today as a sneak peek. This adorable little cottage from Funky Junk will be available as well as the clothing items from Peqe and this long necklace and earrings from [bellballs] and the skin from Absolution. A full variety of items for this sneak peek!

I found this cottage to be just so cute and I really liked the details, such as the lantern lamps hanging next to the front door. The inside is a mostly open floor plan with a slight step up for a separate room. It rang in a tiny 121 prims with everything shown, though it can be stripped down to 105 easily.

Style Notes:

Hair: fri. – Tatum.2 – Dramatic Red
Skin: Blossom – Fair – Seductress (Absolution, Chic Limited)
Top: Peqe – Cherry/Amethyst (Chic Limited)
Pants: Peqe – Blossom/Fuscia (Chic Limited)
Necklace/earrings: [bellballs] CherryBlossom Disc Set (Chic Limited)
Bracelets & Choker: [Mandala] Milky Way – White
Shoes: fri. – Dream.Booties (Black)

Poses: Everglow


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