Pure Juice Coming to an End

Pure Juice is coming to an end and will end on March 26th. Pure Juice is an event brought together by Juicy Shopping sims and CHIC Management. There are so many fantastic things to be found there and I’ve greatly enjoyed blogging them for you. I hope you go and pick up a few things and if you’ve already been, I hope you take a second look.

Style Notes:

Dress: >>Alexohol: Shirley Temple Dress (Pure Juice)
Hair: >TRUTH< Jocelyn – cocoa
Skin: *AP* Sunrise Skin 035 Vanilla – Coral 2 (Pure Juice)
Makeup: ee. LJ Strawberry Sparkle Eyeshadow (Pure Juice)
Jewelry: ::LiNe:: Otto Set (Pure Juice)
Pose: HalaMiyo looking back 1 (Pure Juice)

Style Notes:

Dress: Nemesis – Pure dress FP + Pure tights FP (Pure Juice)
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Kalista JUICY /light/BLD (Pure Juice)
Hair: >TRUTH< Tina – blood
shoes: *katat0nik* (black) Bowie Mary Janes
Furniture: MudHoney Edith Chairs set (Pure Juice)


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