Reasonable Desires New Releases + Hunt

The Reasonable Desires sim is having a grand reopening, offering a redone black and white sim, that offers plenty of places to snap a photo. They’re also having a sim wide hunt with 16 boxes from Reasonable Desires, plus other stores will be adding in as well. The hunt runs one month and offers lots of goodies! There is also 11 different items being released, all priced at 99L as well. I was presented with all of the goodies and I really adored all of it, but to picture it all here, would have made a huge blog post, so instead, I grouped some of them together here. It’s a mixture of hunt items and new releases, but they can all be found at Reasonable Desires.

Style Notes:

Clothing: Reasonable Desires
Hair: >TRUTH< Francesca – caramel
Skin: (AMD) Brielle – Tan
Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in Black


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