Fhang Candy @ SOL Fair

I have some amazing skins to share with you, the new line called Aevana from Fhang Candy, available exclusively at the Summer of Love Fair. These skins come with or without hairbase and each skin has 11 lip color options on a 2.0 tattoo layer. I think that’s pretty amazing, I was playing with the lip colors for a long time, 11 options is a lot!  Aevana is available in three skin tones, two of which, pale and sunkissed, have never been available before. To top it all off, these are available at an introductory price of $300L each! After the fair they will go to $500L, either way it’s a bargain in my eyes. These skins have an incredible shading throughout as well. Take a look :

Skins – [FC] Aevana Sunkissed

Crazy in SL,

Marja Languish


One thought on “Fhang Candy @ SOL Fair

  1. OMG you used the aevana skin!!! it looks darling on you and the post is lovely! Keep up the good work cutey ❤

    Michi xxx

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