Ready, Set, Go! Summer Of Love Fair Opens!

After weeks of preparation and great attention to detail, Keira Seerose with her team, Chic Management, opens the doors to the Summer of Love Fair! As of 4pm today, it’s open and ready for you to explore, browse, learn and most of all – shop!

There is a wide variety of stores participating , so I promise there is something for everyone. However, most important of all, the purpose of the fair is to raise mental health awareness. (Not raise funds, though designers are encouraged to do so!) By raising awareness, we hope to educate and inform, making you more conscious of the fact that many of the people you engage with in Second Life are suffering from mental health issues.

Unlike the black and blue fair, previously held, the info and freebies will be given out together. Throughout the fair there are 27 question marks, each containing information about a certain mental health topic, and a freebie by one of the fair’s designers. So while you’re shopping, pick up your freebies and learn a little more about the various topics and types of mental health disorders.

I’ve decided to make my coverage slightly different this time. Since the fair runs the entire month, I’m going to slowly cover different stores, giving you a month’s worth of coverage, instead of a bunch of posts the first few days. This way every designer that I’m highlighting gets proper attention and no one feels overfull of fair posts!

Now, onto the magic location…*blows a fanfare*…the Summer of Love Fair can be found here!

Crazy in SL,

Marja Languish


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