Exclusive RFL Auction

-Press Release-

This Relay Weekend, July 17th and 18th, marks the very exciting premier of the spectacular St. Illuminatious Cathedral from Morphe Inc. The St. Illuminatious Cathedral is a highly detailed edifice in Second Life painstakingly created by the master of primitives, Abel Dreamscape, over three months from replicating elements of some of the most famous cathedrals of Europe.

In every one of us a Light burns
A Light that pushes us to be better than we are
A Light that pushes us to perfection
A Light on the other side of darkness
A Light that minds employ …

-Visit it in-world to personally experience this beautiful monument inspired and built to honor the life of Abel’s father, lost to colon, pancreatic and lung cancer on April 21, 2006 or watch the video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF3wy4YfkWs

*** Abel has very generously offered this beautiful Cathedral to the Friends Fighting Cancer team for an Exclusive Auction to help raise funds for Relay For Life on this final weekend. It is possible that this may be your ONLY chance to ever own this magnificent building as Abel is unsure if he will ever release it for sale. If he does, it is likely to be an extremely limited release! **

The Silent Auction will CLOSE at 9AM SLT on SUNDAY 18th of JULY and can be bid on at the Friends Fighting Cancer Relay campsite here.

*Details about the build*

“St. Illuminatious” is Abel Dreamscape’s latest creation and a true labor of love over the last three months: an amazing Gothic cathedral (arguably the best in all of Second Life) based on elements of some of the best known RL cathedrals in the world including Notre Dame, Cologne Cathedral and Cathedral of St. Etienne (Burgess).

St. Illuminatious was inspired and dedicated to Abel’s father, lost to colon, pancreatic and lung cancer on April 21, 2006.

Permissions: Copy/Mod
Prims: 4010*
Size: 64m x 120m footprint
Height: Top spire 102.5m

St. Illuminatious is a spectacular example of what can be achieved in SL being built using true Gothic architecture – vaulted ceilings, flying buttresses, supporting & decorative arches, nave with double aisles on either side, beautiful delicate tracery around the stunning sculpted rose windows above the main & transept entrances, a cove of stunning stained glass windows above the alter reaching almost 25m in height, angelic statues above the main entrance and up the stairwell and transept entrances on either side (north and south).

Built throughout from 3D sculpts (many of which are available at Morphe Inc. in kits) with ambient occlusions (baked shadows) to truly display the scope of the building.

Crazy in SL,

Marja Languish


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