Magic Of Oz – Strawberry Festival

You still have 2 days to get yourself to the Magic Of Oz’s, Strawberry Festival. Part of the festival is a strawberry hunt and trust me you’re going to want to do this. It’s an easy peasy hunt to do and the prizes are fab.

You can’t tell from the photos but this tree from Fae and Tiny Fantasy Creations is huge and beautiful. It has a large top that looks like a chocolate kiss and it’s textured a lovely deep shade of green. I’m not a big fan of flowers/plants in SL, but I really liked this one. Especially the little fireflies around the strawberry lantern.

Of course *katat0nik* comes through again with the cuteness. This strawberry inspired outfit comes complete with the pink sandals. Adorables! This friend from Schadenfreude (omg I can never spell this!) was attracted to my shinies from Sanu. He has great taste!

From Strawberry Festival

Tree – Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations – Treeberry Light
Outfit*katat0nik* – MOOberry Outfit & Shoes
Jewelry*Sanu* – Strawberry Summer Earrings & Necklace
BirdSchadenfreude Strawberry Finch (shoulder pet)
Basket*Oz* 2010 Strawberry Festival Basket

Once you have finished the hunt, the basket you received at the first turns itself into a collectible basket. Clicking on the basket when it isn’t completely filled with strawberries will give you the “Done” option to end the hunt, which creates a permanently full basket of berries and deletes the hunt script.

Other Stuff

Hair – ETD Chel – Chestnut – Store Closed
Skin!Imabee – Umeko – Strawberry Pie
Eyes Poetic Colors – Summer storm – small
Lashes Cake – Bedroom Lashes
PosesGlitterati – Model Poses – 34 & 44

Another quick thing of note before I go. Any of the new bunny nests (1.3 and up) bought and kindled during the festival have a chance to be this Elite/Rare Strawberry Bunny. They are so cute it should be a sin. >.< (Sorry for the hair sticking out on my arm in the photo! Hehe!)

Get your berry bottoms to the Oz Strawberry Festival NOW!

TP To The Strawberry Hunt Start Location
TP To The Ozimals Mainstore

XOXO Bewks


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