Broken Doll @ Operation Squeegee

OMG! Marj has been outblogging me lately. I honestly don’t know how she does it. She is one busy lady that’s forsure.

Aside from being awesome, Marja also owns a store called Broken Doll. It has lovely stuff and has everything you need to be a cute dolly.  Dresses, skirts, outfits of all kinds, jewelry and tees.

Broken Doll is taking part in Operation Squeegee which started today in SL. Operation Squeegee is a fundraiser supporting the National Wildlife Federation. All donations to the NWF aid with the ongoing recovery to the ecosystem due to the recent oil spill.

What does this all mean? You shop for kick-ass items by your favorite designers AND support a great cause at the same time. It’s win-win.

The Zetia outfit in Lavender made me feel light and airy. Just like the kite poses from aDORKable Poses which I have been wanting to use forever. The top of Zetia has a soft ruffled like pattern and the skirt is short and playful. The back sticks up to show just enough of your bottom to be cute.

SkinCupcakes – Daydream – Cameo – Violet Love (Freck) (old freebie) – Scarlett – Timid Brown
EyesPoetic Colors – Aurora (old freebie)
Lashes Cake – Bedroom Lashes
OutfitBroken Doll – Zitia – Lavendar @ Operation Squeegee
PoseaDORKable Poses:  Kite 1 Pose (0L)

If lavender isn’t your color, maybe this soft lemony color is?

SkinCupcakes – Lovespell – LACE – Gift 5 (freck)
OutfitBroken Doll – Zitia – Lemon @ Operation Squeegee
Lemon SliceAY.LinE – Lemon On Mouth (gatcha)
PoseViva Poses – Too Sexy #2

You’ll have to visit the fair to reveal the other two exclusive colors!

This is the other Broken Doll release. It’s called Midrin and it comes in 4 fun flirty colors. I love the way it shows off my legs and makes them look long. Each set comes with matching bracelets too!

Outfit: Broken Doll – Midrin in Green/Blue/Purple/Red @ Operation Squeegee
SkinCupcakes – Lovespell – KUMERA – Smokey (old freebie)
Shoes: {Cherry} The Alice Cullen Ballet Flats – ivory/silver (retired)

Pose 1 – Viva Poses – Make A Shoot #2
Pose 2 – Viva Poses – Carrie #9
Pose 3 – Viva Poses – Carrie #4
Pose 4 – Viva Poses – Make a Shoot #1

See you at the fair!



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