I Had A Geekgasm!

I have to be honest, usually when I do a hunt I end up chucking out a lot of the items. But with the Geekgasm Hunt, there were VERY few that ended up in my trash bin. I truly did have a Geekgasm opening all the hunt prizes!

One thing associated with being a geek is glasses. I’m not sure why this is because lots of sophisticated, non geeky people wear glasses. Besides, nowadays glasses frames are so varied that even people that don’t wear glasses want to get them for their fashionable value. The point is: THIS HUNT HAD GLASSES. Tons of sets, take a look:

1. .:it’s Cake:. – Nerdy Chic Glasses
2. (Elate!) – Susie Cateye Shades – Turquoise
3. FAB.PONY – “nurave” Glasses – (Black) (Red & White not pictured)
4. [soap] – Blerd Glasses
6. .::ODB::. – Punked Out Nerd Glasses – {Hunter} & {Pink}
Mushroom Lights[croire] mario mushroom lights

How cute is this little Tetris mini dress. I LOVE IT! It comes complete with attachable mouth pieces for you to nom on. *squee* It was lacking a prim skirt piece so I paired it with some leggings that are not part of the hunt. It looks fab though if I do say so myself.

Skinthesis also gifted us with this skin from the hunt. I love the textures that Skinthesis has on the lips on their skins and the funky eyelashes on this skin offset the eyes from Mynerva.

Oh.. and there I am chilling on my new couch. Too bad I can’t CTRL-ALT-DEL my ex like on those pillows. Tee hee!

SkinSkinthesis  – Droogette
EyesMynerva – Geekgasm Eyes
Dress & Mouth Piece.:Relentless Couture:. – Tetris Mini Dress
Couch{what next} – Geek’s 3-seater Sofa

Not Part Of Hunt

Leggings – Project Kiwi – Hot Pink Tights – Store Closed
Hair!lamb. Babys On Fire – Chewed Bubble Gum
Shoes – ETD Heel Strap Platforms (Black) – Store Closed

You can’t have a geeky hunt without some Star Wars goodies. Here I am posing with my awesomesauce blue light saber. I’m being all menacing at Seryder who is dressed in a pinstriped Darth Vader costume. LOL. Don’t laugh it was free on Xstreet!

SkinMynerva – Geekgasm Skin
Hairfri. – Allison.2 – Moody Brown
EyesMynerva – Geekgasm Eyes
ShirtDucknipple – Jammie – Green
ShortsCOOL BEANS – Geek Me Up Plaid Shorts
SneakersFluxBox: Bum Crack Black
Name Badge: (Medley) – Inigo Montoya Pin
Poses & Props[face] – “Force-ably Posed”

Darth VaderOn Xstreet


Who doesn’t love old school Nintendo? There are some great Nintendo items on this hunt. For example the first Nintendo console as earrings! The Pacman shirt I’m wearing from Riddle comes in the green pictured and also blue, pink, purple and yellow with different Pacman badies. I’ve got a mushroom around my neck in case anything needs to be bigger. *LOL* And my favorite item in this photo. THE HAT! I hope it leaves me some brains when it’s done nomming on my head. >.<

HatIntrigue Co. – Piranha Plant Hat
Earrings thick. shapes & baubles – Nontendo Earring
NecklaceLOULOU&CO – Necklace :: MB ::
Shirt – [Riddle] – Packman (green)
Pose(Area Code) Lean On Me

Here I am hugging my nearest Clone Trooper. You have to be careful around them, they’re a little butt grabby. Hahah!

Shirt(Posh) – I ❤ Geeks – Tank
Pants[soap] – Blerd Jeans
Pose(Area Code) Lean On Me

Clone Trooper AVXstreet



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