Fashion Is Love – Mix & Match

As I was hopping across the grid this week, I kept seeing the poster for the Fashion Is Love Hunt. It looked like some good stores were participating, so I IM’d my friend Seryder and he consented to be dragged along for the hunt.

The organization of this hunt was great. There were no missing stores or hunt items. Only one item was boxed that I had to TP home and get the LM out of.  Plus, all of the folders were appropriately named/numbered. It was fairly easy to find the items too.  I didn’t use any hint and I found them all. Some are tiny though and Marj had trouble seeing them.

I don’t know about you.. but I kind of like to mix and match my outfits. I will take a shirt from one outfit, pants from another. My look today is based on that concept. I paired part the top part of the *LP* Manna outfit with the cute denim mini from #Before Sleep#. I really digged the color of the Shush skirt but I couldn’t get it to fit right. (It’s my shape.) But the glitch pants looked great so I used them as leggings.

The shoes aren’t part of the hunt, but they’re priced at 0L and since they’re color change flip flop I just know I’m going to love and wear them a ton this summer.

I usually don’t part with my Poetic Color eyes for nothing, but these ones from Mynerva matched well with the skin from Garage so I decided to blog em. Also you can see the necklace which is the hunt item from LiNe. It was mod so I editted the stone in the middle and tinted it to better match my leggings. I should also add it comes with matching earrings and a bracelet.

The hair is not on the hunt, or a freebie, but it’s on sale at Kyoot for 25L. Very worth it.

SkinGARAGE – Steffi Skin-1
HairKyoot Army – Hot Mess Dark Brown
EyesMynerva – SoulHeart Eyes – Amazon
NecklaceLiNe – Shelly – Brown/Purple
Top*LP* – Manna Outfit
Mini Skirt #Before Sleep# – Denim Mini
LeggingsShush – Fluffy Skirt
Flip FlopsIn Her Shoes – Back To Basics
Poses Glitterati – Disco Balls

While I didn’t keep all of the clothing items, one thing this hunt did have a lot of was pretty skins. Many tones and makeups to suit all styles.

Skin 1 – Mynerva – Cynthia Starfish & Coffee
Skin 2 – Nana Makeup Tan – Candydoll
Skin 3 – GARAGE – Leslie Skin
Pose – Glitterati – BCA Poses

These are just a few of my favorite things from the hunt. There is much more to be discovered. Oh and just for fun, here are me and Seryder doing our victory dance at the end of the hunt.



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