Bewkie Does Black & Blue Fair

Marja asked me if I had been to the Black & Blue Fair and I told her I hadn’t. I honestly thought that it was over, but she told me that it ends on July 4th. I was like:  “Sweet!” Even better, she suggested that I blog the freebs and cheapies!  So here goes:

When I TP’d in to the fair location, I was so excited! I love the set up of this fair. It’s not a huge venue and it’s not some maze I can get lost in. If it weren’t for my computer being cranky and lagging me, it would have been quite easy to navigate.

My favorite item from the whole fair was a pair of plaid pants from Ducknipple. They have a lovely blue plaid texture with no unsightly seams, sculpted bottoms and cute pockets. These are a STEAL at 80L.

Speaking of steals, I’m also wearing the necklace from Twisted & Spoiled’s cheapie set. This set will set you back only a mere 10L and it comes complete with necklace, earrings and bracelets for each arm. So pretty! >.<

Skin – Skinthesis – Mindi Skin (tan) –  FabFree Group Gift
HairPanache ZF & Kari – Girls School Hair – Brunette Coffee Mocha
Lashes Cake – Bedroom Lashes
NecklaceTwisted & Spoiled – Heart Jewelry Set @ Black & Blue Fair
Tank – Boyfriend Beater (black)
PantsDucknipple – Sunday’s (blue) @ Black & Blue Fair
Boots<TheAbyss> – NAU Combat Boots
PoseGLITTERATI – Sci-fi Hallway

Even if you’re almost broke or on a tight budget, you can still pick up something nice at the fair. There’s a whole room of freebies and cheapies to explore. Here are some of my favorites:

Leggings – Acid & Mala Holed Leggings  (blue &black)
Necklace – Mynerva – Victorian Cog Necklace
Eyes – Mynerva – SoulHeart
T-Shirts – T Junction – I Heart Duo Pack
Skirt – INDIE ROSE – Sequin Mini Skirt & Leggings
Hair – Magika – 3 Styles
Mouth Accessory – Filthy Gorgeous – Mouth Buds (lemon chiffon)

TP to The Black & Blue Fair NOW!



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