Monday Blues Cured by ~*INDIE ROSE*~

To know me, is to know I hate Mondays. Monday is my least favorite day of the week. It has nothing to do with work or school or anything like that. I simply don’t like Mondays. Every Monday I am blue, but this week, I decided the best way to try and shake off my blues was to do a set of shots in the ocean and I couldn’t find anything better to photo than the summer collection from ~*INDIE ROSE*~. I had a bit of fun with these and by the end I’d even found a little smile.

Style Notes:
(All ~*Indie Rose*~ Items can be found here)

Skin in all shots: [FC] Carrie//Autumn/FhangCandy (Black & Blue Fair Skin)
Hair in all shots: fri. – Cassie – Delighted Blond
Photo One:
Sarong :*INDIE ROSE* Sculpted Sarong  *Silver Tinsel*
Photos One & Two:
Bikini: *IR* Snake Bikini~*1*~
Bangles: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Metallic Cuff Bangles *Purple*
Necklace: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Seashell Necklace *Yellow Swirl*
Shoes:~*INDIE ROSE*~ Unisex Leather Flip Flop *Purple*

Photo Three:
Necklace:~*INDIE ROSE*~ OCEAN Seashells Necklace *Y/B*
Shoes: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Platform Flip Flop *Brown Leather*
Bangles: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Chunky 3-Ring Bangle *LWood/Ivory*
Bikini: *IR* Knitted Layered Bikini~*Yellow*~

Photo Four:
Sarong: *INDIE ROSE* Bikini Sarong  *Tropical 1*
Bikini: *IR* Knitted Layered Bikini~*Brown*~
Bangles: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Glass D-Cuff Bangles *Brown Swirl*
Necklace: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ OCEAN Seashells Necklace *Y/B*
Hat: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Weaved Straw *Summer Rose Hat W1*

Crazy in SL,

Marja Languish


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