Black & Blue Fair 7 : Fhang Candy

First off, the Black & Blue Fair is finally open! It runs from today til July 4th, so you have plenty of time to get in there and get everything you want. I suggest you deprim before going as to help with the lag. It is a small location and there is sure to be a crowd at all times. Make sure you walk through all rooms so you don’t miss anything!

What I have for you right now are the skins at the fair from Fhang Candy. There are nine different skins in total, two different makeups for Helaene, and seven single different skins. The makeup is fantastic, very vivid and full of color. These skins come at an incredible price, so I do suggest you try one or two! These can be purchased at the Black & Blue Fair. Take a look (Click on each thumbnail for a better look) :

Style Notes:


[FC] Carla//VioletFashionista/FhangCandy

[FC] Aphrodite//SmokedBlue&Rouge/FhangCandy

[FC] Barbie//SmokedIceQueen/FhangCandy

[FC] Sasha//MidnightDream/FhangCandy

[FC] Carrie//Autumn/FhangCandy

[FC] Cielia//IceQueen/FhangCandy

[FC] Alasia//GreenWildSide/FhangCandy

[FC] Helaene//SmokedBlue&Rouge/FhangCandy

[FC] Helaene//SmokedBlue&Noir/FhangCandy

Shirt: KBL: Keppra Long Tank in Black

Hair: Tiny Bird – Two Weeks – Natural Red

Necklace: [ III ] Summer Pearl Necklace (At the Black & Blue Fair)

Crazy in SL,
Marja Languish

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