Shooting Stars Hunt

There’s a new hunt going on in SL, The Shooting Stars Hunt. The hunt runs from June 1st to June 15th. This is a bit different than other hunts though, instead of hunting for an item, this is catching a moving light. You hunt out the flashing light, sort of like a shooting star or fireflies, and stand inside the circle of light. You type ‘/7 catch’ and try to catch the lights. Once you do, you’ll get the item in a folder with the landmark to the next item.

I liked this hunt because it was so different, and because of the length. There was a mere 20 stops on the hunt. It seemed a perfect length to me. Below I’ve pictured a few of the items from the hunt. For more info you can check out the blog :

Style Notes:

Pants: Euclid_Leopard skinny

Necklace: [fairy tail] Locket pendant(Platinum

Hair with Hat: made in [SOUP] shooting star hunt edition*


Skin: ::DS:: Winda Malibu Bikini (Dulce Secrets SOM gift, not hunt item)

Wall Art: *Cheap Cheap* ET in Posters

Chair: **InteriorAddiction** Eastern Delights Chair (hunt special)

Crazy in SL,
Marja Languish

2 thoughts on “Shooting Stars Hunt

  1. Please tell me what store the wall art is from. I tried searching for ET but you cannot search two letters and you have not included SLURLS.


    • The store is *Cheap Cheap* in Albero…I didn’t include slurls so that stores aren’t skipped on the hunt. Normally I include slurls for all.

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