Black & Blue Fair..The Reason

I got into the Black & Blue Fair early with some other bloggers and I was squealing. This is the first fair I’ve ever gotten to blog and I was quite excited. I got in and looked around with big eyes, drinking it all in and a little in awe of some of the other bloggers I saw. I was really pleased with the unique layout and the amount and variety of items offered, but I want to tell all of you what the purpose of the fair is, as I’m hearing some people don’t know. The fair is to raise mental health awareness. So, before I post any shots of the clothing, what I’m going to post is some of the info they have on the walls around the fair, but if you look at the pics, you’re also getting a peek at some of the items in the fair.

I have loads of wonderful items to show you from the fair, which opens to the public June 3rd and runs until July 4th, but now you know the reason for the fair..and some startling facts to think about. For the location and more info, please join the inworld group.

Crazy in SL,

Marja Languish


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