Play The Waiting Game at Nomine

I’ve always been a big fan of lucky chairs. I don’t know why really, because I don’t have any problems with paying for an item. However, standing there, waiting for my letter or the wonderful “?” just gives me some odd sort of rush. Recently, Nomine changed out the items in the lucky chairs and added a Gatcha machine! The gatcha has mystery items in it, 16 different boxes, each try costing 10L. Some of the boxes have multiple items, which makes this a fantastic gatcha if you ask me. I’ve got nearly all 16 now, and ALMOST all of the 11 items from the lucky chairs. The assassin set is hiding from me, though. In the two pictures below you’ll find pictures of the chairs plus the gatcha machine, plus me wearing some of the items I got. You really need to swing by Nomine and spend some time and have a bit of fun with these.

Nomine Lucky Chairs

Nomine Gatcha

Style Notes :

Photo One:

Necklace & Earrings : Nomine DopeSick Set – blood (Lucky Chair)
Clothing : Nomine Green Mina (Stockings, jacket, garter & panties) (Gatcha)
Hair : (Posh) ; Push & Shove ; Platinum
Boots : Stiletto Moody Tall Boot (Black Croc)
Bracelets : Schadenfreude Moonsong Bracelets (From Moonsong Caves Hunt running this weekend)
Skin : .::CStar::. Layla Skin  *Gorean Hunt Edition* – Pale1 (Free for GGWH @ Store)

Photo Two:

Skin : .::CStar::. Layla Skin  *Gorean Hunt Edition* – Bronze2
Dress : Nomine Opaline Gown – jacket (Lucky Chair)
Necklace : Nomine Heart Repaired Necklace (female) (Lucky Chair)
Hair : (Posh) ; Push & Shove ; Platinum
Crazy in SL,
Marja Languish

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