Pink Shirt Day!

Today is Pink Shirt Day. For those of you that don’t know, pink shirt day is an anti bullying campaign.  For more info vistit .

I decided to dig out some pink that wasn’t something I’d made…and hop off to take some pink pictures. When I think of pink, I typically think about candy and fluff and stuff. One place  immediately came to mind, Sugar Rush. Sadly, when I got there, it was in a new location and had not even half of the cute stuff it used to have. However, I made do by changing my sky and water settings.

Pink on a marshmallow!

Sweet on a Heart

Support Pink Day, have fun with it and have a great day!

Crazy in Second Life

~Marja Languish

Style notes

Hair: Eat Rice -Jay- Pink

In mouth- *Sanu tiniest bunneh

Nails- Love Soul *Jewel* Pink Nails

Lingerie- Blue Blood Fishing Prize

Skin- Belleza Alyson Pale Group Gift


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