Heel, toe, get in line!

I have a stand to make against shoes in Second Life. I would say heels in general, but there’s more. There was a certain ‘shoe’ that sparked my thoughts, and I’m finally getting around to putting it down.  I used to love shoes, boots were my favorite back in the day when there weren’t all these fancy options. The old thigh highs that had the barest of prim parts? Come on, I’m sure there’s still some of you from 05 or earlier who remember these. I wore those til I found heels that looked worthy of my feet, and then I was back to boots for a while when they were detailed, and then a certain shoe maker came into the limelight, and boy, did I love those heels. I had more pairs than I knew what to do with. Then came the advent of the sculpted toe. At first, I jumped on the boat too, but then it quickly became apparent that to wear those shoes, you needed to be able to tint WELL and you needed to live in your skin or shade or you had to start the process all over again. There was also the fact that you couldn’t ensure how your foot would look like on other people’s viewers. So then I joined the smaller crowd of women who prefer the old style without the sculpted foot.

However, I always knew, for a special occasion there was always one store that was ahead of all the others in the market, a shoe store that was obviously so fabulous, there was just no comparison and it was worth it to tint the skin for a special occasion. Recently, I have been let down. I went to my favorite shoe store to find a heel..without a heel? There was the sculpted foot, the graceful curve to the shoe, and I almost bought the shoe, til I cammed around to the back. There was no heel to support the back of the foot. I was stunned at this shoe. To me, it was horrible. I couldn’t imagine putting my foot in it, let alone paying for it.

I thought maybe it was me, but turns out, I’m not the only one having an issue with this style of shoe. I’m sure it’s going to spread around the grid and be the ‘newest thing’ but that style will never be put on my foot. The only reason I want to wear a high heel is the pointed heel in the back of the shoe.

I decided to hit the shoe stores again, and it turns out I’m ready to go back to boots. I can’t find a heel that makes me look sexy any more, and it turns out there are some fabulous boots to be had.

So, I’m not putting down the new ‘style’ and I am going as far as to say that other stores are going to ‘get in line’ and follow with variations of this shoe, but it’s not for me. I wanted it to be said, because this heel is making me crazy!

~Crazy in SL,

Marja Languish


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