No! I didn’t make this!

Ever since I opened my store, I have an issue. Every time I go out of my shop I see someone who asks me, “Did you make that?” Men that I’m dating, friends, everyone seems to assume if I’m wearing it, I must have made it! It’s driving me crazy to be honest. I feel like I have to make sure I’m only wearing something from my store when I go out, because somehow I’ve gotten to be a walking billboard.

I’ve had my store for nearly a year now, so I do understand a little why people assume I can make anything, but why am I not allowed to wear something from other stores? The work of other designers is one of the reasons I got into creating. I was inspired by them!

I love to shop in Second Life. I always have. I’ll admit since I’ve been creating my tastes have become more refined, but I still shop. I’m getting tired of shopping just to put those things aside so I can wear my own things to get togethers and events just because I’m going to be asked, “Did you make that?”

Well, I decided I’m taking a stand. My name is Marja Languish, and NO! I didn’t make this!

~~Crazy in SL

   Marja Languish


One thought on “No! I didn’t make this!

  1. This is one of the reasons I’ve spent almost a year without shopping clothes, I can’t really wear them anyway. But now I’m starting to break the habit, so I guess I’m with you. *stands beside Marja*

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