Someone stole my SL!

This may sound strange, but I feel like this certain girl, that I will leave unnamed, has stolen my Second Life. I was living peacefully, getting over a breakup from a man that I thought was going to be my future Real Life , when I found out about her. I’ve encountered this before, and more than likely, you will eventually too, if you stay in SL for a great length of time, but this time it hurts.

The first time someone ‘stole my sl’ was when a girl who was vehemently straight decided she was going the path I was on, taking a female sub and declaring to the world she was into BDSM as well as stealing a few lines from my profile. I have to tell you, personally I spend a lot of time on my profile and the fact that she stole things I wrote and tried to pass it off as hers, kind of got under my skin. However, they say imitation is the best form of flattery.

The second time someone ‘stole me sl’ was when a girl got together with my ex and tried to turn herself into some sort of version of me in an attempt to keep him. She changed her hair color, began dressing like me and even went so far as to IM me and ask how I managed to make him love me. This, in my mind, was simply sad. So, on this occasion, it didn’t bother me.

This time, this time, it bothers me a great deal. I simply can’t get over it. When my last Master released me, I thought it was due to our time constraints. It was sad, but I was beginning to move on until he wanted to get back together with me. We began talking about it and I was considering it, until I found out he had collared a girl a week after we’d broken up. This was hard, because it seemed he hadn’t wasted any time getting over me, but then the plot thickens and it turns out he had been seeing her for a solid two months before the breakup. This was extremely difficult. I pulled up her profile and began looking at the pictures and information in it. She looked like a bad copy of me. Petite, long, red curly hair, doll dresses, a vampire, and a little girl submissive. When I read the words she wrote about my ex, I burst into tears. She wrote that he was all that mattered in either of her lives…either of her lives..she knew him in RL too?

I was crushed. I had been planning on changing my RL to be with him, we had been together for two years, it had seemed so serious! Now this girl appears and he tailors her to become me and leaves me behind. She’s living my life with my old Master and I’ve been tossed aside and forced to create a new life. I can’t seem to get over the pain of this. I’ve moved on, I’m in a new relationship, yet this still bothers me. I’ve considered having a total makeover so she didn’t look like me any more, but that seems pointless, I was me first!

I’ve been forbidden to look at her profile by my new Master, and that does make things easier, but my ex is in a group with me, and he’s quite vocal. I find myself having a slight pain every time I see him flirting with someone in the group chat. I don’t want to leave that group, it’s exclusive and I was there first..but I’m not sure how to solve this. I suppose I can mute him, but it doesn’t change the facts, she stole my SL!


2 thoughts on “Someone stole my SL!

  1. Good that your new Master forbid you to look at her profile that hurts too much. i still look at my ex Master’s profile every now and then until it stops bothering me to see the name of my former best friend in it (i’m not good in forbidding myself stuff and nobody else does *G*). i wish you that it will be better soon. And even that she stole your SL… it might sound dull.. but better it happened now than when you already changed all your life to be with him. He does not deserve you, dear *hugs*

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