Well..hello again :)

It’s been a freakishly long time since I posted. I know. I was going through the end of a relationship and the aftermath and a large real life move. However, things have finally settled for me, as much as they can at the holidays! and I’ll be posting again. I’m still not sure where this blog will go, but hey, it’s mine and we’ll just see 😛

I just got into plurk. I’m crazy into plurk actually, I post and check for replies and new posts and new friends all day long and the little ‘karma’ meter at the bottom keeps egging me on! I’m MarjaLanguish on plurk of course…and here is my page : http://www.plurk.com/MarjaLanguish/invite If you’ve got a plurk account feel free to add me as a friend. 🙂 That’s my newest ‘crazy in sl’ bit…but sorry, it’s a good crazy this time. 🙂

Don’t worry, I’ve got some rants coming..I just wanted to make a quick post and give you a teaser of one of my upcoming dresses 🙂

Me in my doll cage, wearing KBL: Christmas Doll in Red

Crazy in SL,



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