Down with Group Notice Abuse!

*clears throat and climbs up onto her soapbox, raises her arms and wails a flag wildly to attract attention* Pay attention. Everyone. This is important!

I feel I should adress the abuse of group notices. I’ve been out of Second Life..due to vacation and now internet issues…and I forgot to shut off group notices in one of my groups. Bad idea! Six or more notices are flooding my inbox and have capped my IMs, as well as overzealous subscribe o matic owners. I understand that some groups have a need to send out a lot of notices, freebie groups, shopping groups, etc…I even belong to one of those groups, but if I join a group that I already know is going to be overload on notices, they are immeadiately turned off in group prefs. What is abuse is groups that have no need of it, no warning, just sending out notices over and over all day long.

To what purpose, I ask? Let’s break it down. If for some weird, strange reason I decide to join a Club VIP group, I instantly turn off notices. So do most people…so say you’re running a club, and you’re trying to attract people to your events…you’re sending out notices, event after event…hour after hour, and no one is responding to those notices…why? Because you’ve either annoyed them to death and they left your group or they turned off notices and they’re not checking past notices to see what you’re saying. So…you fail. Oh, and don’t forget the catch 22 of group chat either. You announce your event…people instantly close the window, maybe, just maybe one or two people show up from the chat notice..but most everyone reached for the little ‘x’ the second that notice came across. This is great if you’re only wanting to advertise one thing all day long..but for people who are in game long enough, you’ve ruined your chance of them getting another notice from you all day long, because once that box is closed, it’s not opening again until they relog. And, while I’m on that rant…all of you people ‘requiring group’ to get into your contests..who do you think sticks around in the group and becomes an active VIP? Newbies or broke asses who have no intention of spending money in your club to begin with..sad truth, that is. You’ll maybe, just maybe get someone who contributes to your club..but don’t..wait, yes, hold your breath. I’ll be right here smiling.

For’ll be losing customers because they don’t want to read notice after notice of what you’ve made this week. Notecard it, wrap it up, do it all at once, and limit your notices…throw in a group gift once in a while and you’ll have happy group members. By the way…think about it, what good is a store VIP group? It’s not good for the customer, not really…except to find out when you’re releasing new products..which they could do by dropping by your store anyway, but let’s face it, the group benefits the store owner by offering an easy advertising method that doesn’t really take much effort. Show your valued group members a little love once in a while, in the form of some sort of group gift, and by limiting your group notices. I won’t say anything about chat in store groups, because usually the store owner starts them, and likes to socialize with the people who buy the products. Customer feedback, etc. And with the newish second life group features, it can be limited as to who can start a chat…and I personally want to thank LL for that…no more drive by group joiners shouting about thier stupid shit. Woot, woot!

And last of all, subscribe o matic owners…slow it down, please! You have the ability to send out a it! And try to remember just because you’re not taking up a group slot, you’re still adding to the possibility of capping IMs. Hell, I’ll admit it, SOMs excited me at first…I clicked them. A lot. A hell of a lot..and now I’m suffering for it. Please, please, please, don’t abuse your power! Let me give you an example…several times a fucking way! Once a day…no no! Every other day…not great, but we can live with it. Every three days or more…the perfect amount almost. Once a week is the perfect amount of updates, in my opinion anyway. Here’s a piece of advice, if you’re sending out SOM notices several times a day, or even once a day…we’ll run to your store and unsubscribe. In a hot minute, my dears.

Seeing as how I actually have next to zero readers at the moment..I realize I’m talking to myself…which in a way, is kind of great, but otherwise..*shrugs* maybe it will go down in prosperity and *hopefully* someone will read this and take action…Pass it along..please…*climbs off soap box and goes back to being*…


Crazy in Second Life

~~Marja Languish


One thought on “Down with Group Notice Abuse!

  1. Yeah, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I was off of SL for a bit due to a shitty graphics card, and everyday I got about 40 emails from the SAME FUCKING GROUP. Luckily, I am in now and can actually open windows to shut that crap off.

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