My Vacation is teh sucketh…

I’m on vacation, I didn’t post that I was on vacation because I packed up my computer to come to the beach..and guess what? No internet was included with this house. So my poor desktop is sitting downstairs, lonely as can be, gathering dust..while I’m on a borrowed laptop, situtated just so, so that I can ‘borrow’ someone’s unsecured interet.  This vacation is brutual, the wind is ruining the oceanfront, the weather is ruining the waves, the house is not as advertised and as far as I’m concerned it’s not in fucking walking distance to either beach on the island…the pool, yeah, ok..that’s within walking distance, But it’s a little disappointing going to a swimming pool at the ocean. Oh, and did I mention the fucking bugs?? we’re close to a pond…and we’re getting bit up like crazy…


okay, none of this is SL related…except for the fact, this is WHY I can’t get into SL right now…*swears*


Crazy at the beach OUT of SL~

Marja Languish


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