What the hell??

Okay..okay..I know that people are stupid. I understand that some people have no fashion sense..but OH MY GOD…some people need a smack upside on the head ffs..what the hell?

I went to a new club, a friend of a friend thing…the club was a lag pit..all this spinning shit and scripted shit…but dear god, one of the dancers…she had obviously maxed out the sliders for breasts and ass…first of all, NEVER max out anything on your AV..and dear god, both? really? wtf?

Someone hand me a stick to get that thong out of there...

Someone hand me a stick to get that thong out of there...


Another thing I spotted…a girl that looked like a noob..I checked, she’s almost a year old…oh, girl…you need some help..


*blinks* did you actually pay for any of that?

*blinks* did you actually pay for any of that?


Meh, there’s so many things wrong there..I really can’t list them all..but I’d have to say her friends suck if they never directed her towards some nice freebies. And damn, do you LIKE wearing your collar IN your neck? Sheesh. “EDIT”

I’ve got a couple other rants too…I send my current dollarbie news in a notecard, with all the details..EXACT details mind you..and the two lucky type groups I’m in won’t even post it. I mean, wtf, my stuff is good, better than a LOT of the shit that people pay for, hell let alone get for free, and they can’t be bothered to post my shit. Yeah, whatever, when I’m famous I won’t forget.

Here’s another…just because you’re a girl in second life, doesn’t mean you have the tools to be a good stripper. Yes, stripping isn’t for everyone, but contrary to popular belief an older resident can still strip, and also, there is one hell of an income to be had if you go to the right clubs. It makes me sad to see girls with malformed shapes and horrendous clothes on stage..and what I can’t decide is worse or not, half ass emotes. *shakes my head*

Last one for today…clubs. Everyone thinks they can open a club and run it succesfully. WRONG. Yeah, you can open one..but don’t expect to do well. Also, ffs, don’t go with flashing lights, rotating crap, freebie textures..oh gosh, I could write a novel on the wrongdoings of clubs. Just…go to clubs, don’t open your own. Save the SL Economy!


Crazy in SL

~~Marja Languish


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