Zomg!!! Skin Sale *faints*

Okay, I”ll admit, I’m a little bit of a skin whore. Or maybe a skin slut..I’m not sure..but I will tell you that I have hundreds of skins..and golly, a few months back I deleted my old 05 inventory, gasps..the amount of skins I deleted made me cry a little..but they’re just not suitable to wear anymore. I couldn’t be seen in a skin like THAT! Anyway, back to the topic at hand…skin sale at CHAI! All her skins in the outlet are $25L!! Yes, just $25L on skins that yesterday cost $250L…they’ll be marked down for a short while then deleted to make room for new skin goodness. *faints again* But anyway…go, go now! These skins get my thumbs up because they come with freckled and non versions and tinty eyebrows! And the selection…gasp..just go see for yourself already!

Sporing a Chai Skin in the store

Sporting a Chai Skin in the store

Sporting Another Chai skin, a darker tone, in KBL

Sporting Another Chai skin, a darker tone, in KBL

Okay, so maybe I went a little nuts..but one of my favorite skins stores, a retiring line and $25L? You can understand my zomgness, right? RIGHT??


On to the rest of my day. First off, I got hired on to be a dancer at the Twisted Orchid..This is another omg thing for me..because it’s a hot BDSM club, and those girls make a ton of money..although that shouldn’t be my primary reason for working there..yeah yeah, I know. What I realized is, I don’t have a lot of stripping clothes…and yes, for a fashion guru, it DoES matter if when you take off the top of your outfit, the bottom looks okay, and no, I don’t want to wear lingerie the WHOLE time. Come on, now, really.


Lastly on my list today…my sister and I realized we were sporting the same AO. I don’t know how really..I bought that one last year sometime, and had been using other ones I got tired of..anyway..we’re standing in the shop when we both asked each other if it was the same one, at the same time! Priceless really…so nonetheless…I ran out to get another one.


Now because I have a penchant for new and shiny, I checked a bunch of other shops before heading back to where I got my original AO..and let me just say this…yes, your shit stinks just like everyone else and for the love of god, add animated stands to your AO’s and lower your price to somewhere in the range of ohh, let’s say REASONABLE?


So now I has a new job, new skins, and a new AO. Life is complete for today 😀
Crazy in SL

~~Marja Languish


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