Double meh, it’s tuesday already…

After work today, I logged on to Second Life…and after wading out from under the mountion of notices, IM’s and notecards I had…(really, there weren’t that many, but if I say it like that it sounds like I’m popular)..I was told that -insert skin store name- here had some free and almost free skins up. Well, since I’m a huge skin whore, I ran over and snatched them all up. I put on one, funky makeup…put on another and thought I had a winner. Welll…I was wearing it for awhile and was pleased until I got naked…there are LINES under the breasts, like fake tanning lotion just pooled under there or something. I was going to post them for you..I now no longer give the thumbs up on them. Sheesh.

Why do I think I have the right to knock down free shit? Well, in this case, the creator just went round and marked down REGULAR skins out of the line to free/cheap status…which means…people are paying $2500L for that look? Yuck. Besides, I can knock down free shit because there is a lot of phenomonal free stuff in Second just have to find it!

I really don’t have too much juicy stuff about SL to post…though I did go with the Kayliwulf Kingdom people to a new club..and found the oddest thing…instead of a contest board, they have a numbers raffle thing that picks the winner. Which, okay, I can see that it’s nice because it prevents the ‘alt voting’…however, there’s nothing preventing someone not in theme to enter and win with this system. I don’t think it’s something I would use. And another thing, this club claimed to be ‘freelance’ for strippers, meaning anyone who joined the VIP group could hop on a pole and strip…not a bad idea..however, what stops the trolls for stipping? *runs and hides*

On another note..I’ve been creating like crazy for Kissed by Lithium, as well as getting things ready for our spot at Hotel Dare which opens this weekend! *does happy dance* The sim looks fantastic, though I’m wondering why the hotel is just so damned small…maybe to keep out the amazons? lol..Anyway, we’re on the third floor. Ok ok, back to KBL news… today two new outfits are up in a variety of colors…and the fun for you part…a limited time dollarbie dress…

KBL:Concerta in White (limited dollarbie)

KBL:Concerta in White (limited dollarbie)

So go get your copy of this great dress and check out the store..if you haven’t yet…


Crazy in SL~

Marja Languish


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