Okay, so everyone and thier brother has a blog…why not me too? I’ve been in Second Life for over three years, and I’m a fashion snob. I figure I can give better feedback than most of the people who are blogging these days (pardon the comment if you’ve been blogging for a long time) and hell, where else can I rant about stuff? Well, right here as of now!

About me…I am the co owner of Kissed by Lithium in Second Life, also a DJ, and sometimes a dancer. I’m over 30 in RL, yes I’m female, and that’s all you need to know!

Why did I title my blog “Crazy in Second Life?” Because I am bipolar and spend most of my time in SL…also..well, a lot of things make me crazy in SL! In fact, let me make a list!*grins*

-blank profiles

-text speak

-noobie looks

-lack of gratitude to store owners who are giving you free items

-the gimme, gimme attitude about freebies

-poorly run hunts

-the overdose of freebies in SL (Yes, freebies are great, yes, all the designers giving them out are wonderful (if it’s quality stuff that is)..but when did the SL population stop BUYING and expecting everything to be free??)

-free sex sims..look, I get that they’re there for a quick hookup, but it’s gotten to where the people who go to them expect instant sex everywhere they go now. How many of you get the random, “You’re so hot, wanna fuck?”

-people who send IMs and expect them to be answered immeadiately, or who keep IMng, over and over, and if you’re not quick enough to answer, then comes the volley of ??? with ARE YOU THERE??? (Dude, if I wanted to answer your IM, I probably would have already!)


Ok, Ok, let me get off my soapbox and give you some real news. The Slice of Summer hunt has started, and no, we’re not in it *sobs* but a friend of mine is, and her outfit is just too cute and sexy to not get. I’ve given up on hunts, hell, I only go to places I know now..BUT, if you’re skipping this hunt, don’t skip Twisted & Spoiled. This is her hunt gift, and as usual, Phia hasn’t hidden it very hard.

Twisted & Spoiled Slice of Summer Gift

Twisted & Spoiled Slice of Summer Gift


That’s all for now..btw, a new dollarbie will be coming your way this week from our store!


Ohh…btw, if a store let’s you rez items there, don’t be a douche, clean up after yourself! I just landed at a store that had SIX boxes from different people scattered about. WTF??


~~Crazy in SL

Marja Languish


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